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Best free plugins for Woocommerce

WooCommerce itself is a free plugin for WordPress based websites. Thanks to this plugin, we can add an online store to the existing site and start selling products online.

WooCommerce is an extremely convenient solution especially for those who already have a WordPress based website because launching an e-commerce store, in this case, requires very little effort. However, we also recommend it to people who don’t have a WordPress website yet and need to build it to be able to use WooCommerce. That’s because this platform is one of the simplest and most effective solutions available on the market.

At the same time, the range of customization options of the WooCommerce store is very wide, mainly due to a large number of plugins and extensions. Many of them are paid, but some are completely free (or are available also in a free plan) and yet, still very effective. Today we recommend a few which we believe are the best.

2. Flexible Checkout Fields PRO WooCommerce

Flexible Checkout Fields plugin allows you to adjust the order form to your needs and the characteristics of your store. Thanks to this plugin, you can freely add, remove or edit fields of the standard form to reflect the specificity of your product.

What’s more, it allows you to change the mandatory fields, change fields’ labels or set conditional logic for certain fields, as well as validate the data provided (e.g. phone number or address).

There’s a free version of the plugin available with basic functions. The plugin is compatible with WPML and Polylang, which means that fields can be translated into other languages, including Polish.

3. Flexible Product Fields PRO WooCommerce

Personalization of products is very popular among customers nowadays. Each of us likes to have something original or give a unique gift to another person. Thanks to the Flexible Product Fields plugin, you can offer such a service in your store.

Of course, this option also depends on the type of product, but if your items can be engraved, you can add an inscription or packaging, change their color, etc. feel free to download this plugin. It also allows you to add prices to the personalization options.

The plug-in is available in the free version which includes most of its features.

4. Faktury WordPress

Running any business, not just an online one, is not possible without invoicing. Thanks to the WordPress Invoice plugin you will be able to issue invoices which comply with the Polish law. In case you run your business in Poland it is extremely helpful and can save you a lot of trouble.

The plugin is free and compatible with the WooCommerce Invoices plugin.

5. Flexible Shipping PRO WooCommerce

Shipping products is an integral part of the online store. After all, when the business is done online, the product needs to be somehow delivered to the customer. And the customer is always interested in the cost of a shipment. Sometimes, it’s a determinative element for shoppers when they decide which online store offers the best deal.

The Flexible Shipping plugin allows the store owner to add shipping rules based on weight, number, product value, and the shipping method.

The plugin is available in FREE and PRO pricing plans and depending on the option selected, it comes with various features and functions. The plugin also works with WPML, Polylang and plugins enabling multicurrency.

6. and 7. FedEx WooCommerce and UPS WooCommerce

Speaking of delivery, usually online stores cooperate with external supplying companies. Many of them have created their own plugins to help entrepreneurs use their services.

FedEx WooCommerce and UPS WooCommerce plugins significantly facilitate the shipping process. Thanks to their connection with live rates from both companies, it’s possible to automatically calculate the cost of each delivery method. Additionally, WooCommerce UPS indicates collection points available near the customer based on his address and enables shipments within Poland (while FedEx WooCommerce only offers international shipments).

The FedEx WooCommerce plugin is completely free, while the WooCommerce UPS has a free plan available with limited functions.

8. WooCommerce PDF Invoices, Packing Slips, and Credit Notes

This WooCommerce PDF invoice builder allows you to generate PDF invoices, packing slips, and credit notes automatically for your WooCommerce orders. You can also attach these documents to your order emails. For credit notes, you can attach the document to refund emails. Not only that, this plugin comes with multiple ready-to-use templates for creating your purchasing documents.

If you are looking to add a pay-later option to the invoice, then this plugin is the perfect one for you. This plugin allows users to download the invoice initially and make payment later with the “pay now” link on the invoice. You also get to set a custom sequence of invoice numbers and customize the PDF invoice template the way you want. 

Let us know if you use these plugins and how they work for you! If you want to improve the quality of your online store, you should try them out and also check other plugins available for stores in WooCommerce. Many of them can positively affect the look of your stores and significantly improve your customers’ user experience!

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