The best plugins to improve marketing in Woocommerce

WooCommerce is currently one of the best tools for building and running an online store . Thanks to the integration with the website created in WordPress, as well as the extensive, but at the same time user-friendly functionality, it stands out among the competition.

An indispensable element of the operation of the store in WooCommerce are plug-ins that allow you to enrich it with new functions from time to time. We’ve already looked at extensions for shipping and accounting, so in today’s article it’s time for another extremely important aspect of an e-commerce store, i.e. marketing .

For both a stationary and online store, marketing is the main stimulus for their development . Thanks to effective marketing, the store gains what allows it to function at all, i.e. sales . On the one hand, reaching potential customers in the virtual world is more difficult because they do not have real, physical contact with the store itself, products or service. On the other hand, the Internet is nowadays an extremely effective tool, the range of which exceeds the capabilities of any other information channel.

So how to use this potential? Instruments, mechanisms and platforms that are used to create and automate various forms of internet marketing come with help. They are integrated with WooCommerce through plugins which we will cover today.

Online store marketing automation plugins

1. Callback24

Callback24 is an intelligent marketing tool that supports establishing sales contacts over the phone and analyzing the links between advertisements and phone calls. The effect of launching the tool is an increased number of calls from potential customers and the acquisition of analytical data used in the optimization of marketing budgets.

You can install callback in your Woocommerce store via a plugin available at


Things that make callback24 stand out from other tracking solutions:

  • Much better call quality – the phone call is made from the phone, not via voip. Thus, the application does not have to incur additional costs. If 99% of calls are from Poland, the current packages of operators provide practically unlimited free calls in Poland or Europe. In the case of international calls, the customer can use voip on his phone or have an appropriate service on the operator’s side, which again simplifies and reduces the cost of calls.
  • The phone number shown is actually from the consultant/merchant.
  • The application monitors incoming and outgoing calls, callback – and in the panel, the manager can see how salespeople work (how many calls they made, how long they talked)
  • Call tracking works based on an algorithm that examines interactions within the phone number on the website (discovery of the number, clicking, selecting, hovering). If someone calls a given phone number, the system will be able to associate the incoming call with a specific client ID. Connection data is sent to Google Analytics. In addition, within the popup, events are sent to Google Analytics about leads.

Price: Free, PLN 116/month or PLN 363/month (depending on the package)

Download plugin | Register an account


Do you have an online store in WooCommece and want to acquire customers?


2. Recostream – Personalized AI/ML product recommendations

This application allows you to obtain personalized product recommendations based on a proprietary machine learning algorithm provided by Recostream . The most important features of the system are:

  • 8 basic recommendation models: maximizing conversions, most viewed, most purchased in a given category, most purchased in the store, similar in a given category, recently viewed, others viewed, recommendations defined by rules
  • you will have no problem with the installation, the internal Recostream team takes care of the implementation of the application, although it only takes about 2 minutes
  • integration with Google Analytics
  • Recommendation models based on, among others: product specifications, session histories, clicks, most viewed products, most frequently purchased products, most frequently added to cart
  • the application provides recommendations that you can use on the product page, shopping cart page, category page, home page, pop-ups, blog.

In addition, you can see that the application is relatively cheap and has a simple pricing based on the number of views of the recommendation ($ 1 per 1000 views of the recommendation)

How it works | Our opinion about Recostream

3. WooCommerce PDF Vouchers

Gift vouchers, discount coupons or all kinds of promotions certainly encourage customers to use the store’s services. Thanks to this plugin, store owners can generate them in the form of PDF documents, which can be completed both online and offline, if the store operates in a stationary form.

Price: $39 (regular license) or $239 (extended license)

Download | demo

4. Wildcard WooCommerce Coupons

Wildcard WooCommerce Coupons is a plugin that saves you a lot of time. Instead of entering multiple codes into an online store, users can create rules that identify codes after only a few characters.

Cena: 20$

Download | demo

5. SUMO Reward Points

One of the ways to establish a permanent relationship with the customer is to create a loyalty program. Customers satisfied with the store’s services and at the same time rewarded with various privileges, willingly return to it. The SUMO Rewards Points plugin is just for rewarding customers with loyalty points and their subsequent service.

Price: $49 (regular license) or $490 (extended license)

Download | demo

6. WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart

An abandoned cart is a concept familiar to every e-commerce store owner and simply means unfinished shopping. The goal of sellers is to get buyers to finish them. With the WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart plugin, it will be much easier to remind customers. The plugin allows you to monitor abandoned carts and send automatic emails encouraging you to return.

Price: $49 (regular license) or $490 (extended license)

Download | demo

7. Simple WooCommerce auctions

Have you ever used eBay? The WooCommerce Simple Auctions plugin allows you to create professional eBay auctions in your store. It is easy to use and compatible with various types of payment gateways.

Price: $29 (regular license) or $175 (extended license)

Download | demo

8. WooCommerce Thank You Page Customizer

With this plugin, sellers can personalize the “Thank you” pages, i.e. the ones that are shown to customers after making a purchase. In addition to customizing the message, it also allows you to summarize your order and add promotional coupons.

Price: $15 (regular license) or $125 (extended license)

Download | demo

9. Email Customizer dla WooCommerce

Contact with the customer of the online store is limited to some extent, as it can rarely be personal. Therefore, owners of e-commerce stores must ensure that communication with customers, especially the marketing one, is professional, interesting and useful. With the Email Customizer plugin for WooCommerce, emails sent to customers will certainly be like that.

Price: $30 (regular license) or $155 (extended license)

Download | demo

10. WooCommerce Request a Quote

The WooCommerce Ask for a Quote plugin enriches the online store with a feature that is very much liked by users. Namely, it allows them to add products to the so-called wish lists and sending a quote request. Thanks to this possibility, potential customers can rethink their decision and easily return to the products they liked.

Cena: 20$

Download | demo

11. WooChimp plugin

Probably most e-commerce stores have heard of or use MailChimp. It is the most famous and extremely effective tool for marketing mailing. Thanks to the WooChimp plugin, it is possible to integrate MailChimp with the WooCommerce store and use all its functions without any problems.

Price: $39 (regular license) or $179 (extended license)

Download | demo

See how to create your mailing campaign in Mailchimp:

12. WooCommerce dynamic pricing and discounts

This plugin can actually replace several tools as it allows you to add many different sales, pricing and discount features to your store. It enables e.g. setting specific rules for promotions or discounts, loyalty programs or pricing based on location.

Price: $49 (regular license) or $199 (extended license)

Download | demo

Extending an online store with various marketing functions increases its visibility on the web and thus can positively affect sales results. As you can see, the cross-section of internet marketing tools is very large . From emails, through discount coupons, to the personalization of the “Thank you” page – in each of these areas, owners can try to influence potential customers. Thanks to the plugins we have described today, this process will certainly be easier and more efficient . So we encourage you to test them. Be sure to let us know later how they turned out for you!

If you want to get to know WooCommerce better, check out our video where we discuss its most important features!